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Q1 Ultra name is messed up in an ultra big way



Rob150Is it just me, or did Samsung really mess things up with the name of their new Q1 — the Q1 Ultra?

I can picture it now. I’m taking the Q1 Ultra to the grocery store, and someone stops to ask me what the heck I’ve got in my hands. I then tell them, ““It is a Samsung Q1 Ultra Ultra Mobile PC” . Kind of too many ““ultra’s” in there, huh? Not only is it an Ultra, but it is an Ultra Ultra. Since it is an Ultra Ultra Mobile PC, is it more mobile than the Ultra Mobile PC? Just asking .

Q1_UltraTry doing a search at for the product Q1 Ultra. What comes up? The Q1 Ultra Mobile PC. Wait till CompUSA gets the Q1 Ultra Ultra Mobile PC listed — both the Q1 Ultra Mobile PC and the Q1 Ultra Ultra Mobile PC will show up. This is going to get quite confusing for consumers at a time when what we really need in this space is some clarity. Thanks for muddying things up, Samsung.

They should have just stuck with the name ““Q2”. Or, what about this bright idea? The Q1 Origami, the Q1 Ultra Origami. Ah, that’s much better.

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