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Qualcomm Says Snapdragon to be in 10 Upcoming Tablets



In its earnings conference call, Qualcomm highlighted that 2011 may be the year that LTE takes off and that the company is poised to ride that wave with new tablets. Although Qualcomm didn’t specify which OEMs or tablet makers it is working with, ZDNet is reporting that Qualcomm “is actively engaged in at least ten development efforts.” LTE devices being showcased in January 2011 is nothing surprising considering that Verizon Wireless has stated at CTIA Fall 2010 last month that the company will be demoing a lineup of what it intends to offer for mobile users at CES. As far as the company’s Snapdragon processor is concerned, Qualcomm is looking at dual-core CPUs in upcoming tablets:

In terms of dual core, we have today over ten different companies designing tablets on our dual core solutions, so we feel very good about where they’re going.

The tablet space, at this point, it’s difficult to say how big that space is going to be. I’ve seen a lot of different estimates on that, and it will be interesting to see what happens. As we probably talked before, we see that in the developing world being one type of market in the — developed world, you see one type of market. In the developing world, I think will you tend to see a number of different types of devices go in there, mainly because there is no laptop market for them to have to displace. We’ve already seen that with some of our product today.

With LTE, the company will be offering dual-mode 3G/4G solutions as networks will still need time to roll out 4G coverage.

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