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Qualcomm Successfully Tests HSPA+ Technology



In an EE Times Asia report today, Qualcomm made the first data call using the new High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) protocol. The company claims speeds of 28Mbps down and 11Mbps up, with further enhancements coming soon that would bump downloads to 42-84Mbps and uploads to 23Mbps. The speeds seen during the test fulfill Qualcomm’s commitment to HSPA+, albeit a year late. Current HSPA speeds top out at about 14Mbps download with around 7Mbps as the norm and 384kbps upload. The Qualcomm MDM8200 chipset is claimed to be backwards compatible with existing HSPA W-CDMA technology so no new spectra would be required for its future deployment.

Via EE TimesAsia


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