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Qualcomm Suggests Windows Mobile 7 for Ultra Portables



Do you ever feel like the world is shifting under your feet? Things moving so fast that focusing on the road ahead is a challenge? That’s how things feel these days in the crazy, mixed up world of mobile computing. We’ve got name and branding issues that are causing some level of confusion in the marketplace (as well as the publications that cover the scene). We’ve got more and more options on what chips and operating systems are running things. Price points seem to be decided by throwing darts at a board. And, to top it all off, we of course see announcements that are then followed by the inevitable delays due to everything from legal squabbles, FCC issues, supply issues, and who knows what else.

Well, Qualcomm just fired a salvo into the mix that will, if nothing else, muddy the mobile waters up even more. Qualcomm’s now saying that their Snapdragon chipset will be a good fit for the tiny portables, especially if they are running Windows Mobile 7. So, add another player to the ultra-sub-mini-portable-notebook-netbook roster. The claims here do make sense, because they are focused on longer battery life while offering 3G connectivity. Qualcomm is now showing off an ultra-portable from Inventec targeted at a $299 price range.

Hang on to your hats. It is going to be an interesting time ahead.

Via CrunchGear

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