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Qualcomm’s Multi-Mode Chip: The Gobi



We all know that one of the keys to mobile computing is being able to connect whenever and wherever we want. We’re getting closer, but depending on your solution (embedded chip, aircard, tethering) you’re still tied to one network and one carrier.

Qualcomm has revealed their next generation of wireless chips that look like it will offer consumers who might wish to move between networks and their respective protocals a plus. The Gobi is a multi-mode chip that will be embedded into laptops and Tablet PCs (we hope) and will allow users to go between EVDO and HSPA coverage. This will hopefully give consumers more choice, given that they don’t have to necessarily be tied to one carrier and its respective infrastructure. Qualcomm is looking to inlcude GPS capability for those Location Aware applications. Of note also is the fact that there isn’t any inclusion of WiMax.

Two other things here that might seem contradictory. Consumer choice is a good thing, but I wonder how this might affect any subsidization of future mobile computers if they aren’t tied to a single carrier. I also wonder if this isn’t another postivie move towards getting away from being locked into a single carrier.

Via TopTechNews

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