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Question for the Day: What Would Your Input Be To Microsoft?



ManyquestionsToday’s question of the day in Tablet/UMPC land comes from Rob Bushway. If you had the opportunity to sit down for a meeting with Microsoft’s Mobile PC Team, what would you say?

Perhaps it is a bit broad, so let’s but some context to it. Vista is out. Microsoft is obviously looking ahead. There is no secret that things are being realigned and reorganized within Microsoft to explore new challenges and as with any reorganization that means new priorities are established and goals get shifted around. So, that makes this an opportune time for user feedback to really be heard. You answers can cover hardware, software, marketing, or any topic you think Microsoft should take into consideration. So, throw in your $.02 and be heard. What works? What doesn’t? What needs to be on the front burner when the Mobile PC Team starts hashing out their priorities?

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