Quick Thought on Apple iPhone 5 Announcement

Apple is about to finish up talking about the iPhone 5 at its big unveiling today. Well, let’s call it a big confirmation, because we really haven’t heard anything new that we didn’t know before about the iPhone. In fact most of what we’ve heard line up with many of the rumors we’ve seen so far regarding specs, size, iOS6, the connector, and the rest. I’ll have more to say on that later, but it sure seems interesting and intriguing. Watching the announcement, I’m getting the feeling that this is more of an obligation rather than it is something to crow about. It is almost as if there might have been some intent from Apple to let the rumors spill out, perhaps because of something else.

Apple’s’ announcement isn’t over, but from what I’m seeing on Twitter and elsewhere, most folks are pretty underwhelmed. And I’ll bet you dollars to doughnut that most of the coverage coming out of this event is going to be focusing on what looks like a non-surprising upgrade. Is Apple losing its touch, or is there something else afoot here. Thoughts?

iPhone 5 Display Retina
The new display is not wider, allowing users to type with one hand.

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