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Quick Thoughts on the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC



Just a few quick thoughts about the M700 over the past few days…

  • FAST – wonder what it would be like with a 7200 RPM drive??
  • Feels very light – If you didn’t see the unboxing, I didn’t think the battery was in the unit when I pulled it out the the box
  • Lots of crapware installed on it from the factory
  • I like the keyboard, with my bigger hands, it doesn’t seem as small as the x61 keyboard
  • Screen is crisp, doesn’t seem as ‘grainy’ as the other Toshiba’s I have had in the past (M400, M4)
  • Writing on the screen feels good – like paper, not glossy
  • Battery is lasting for a good amount of time – I haven’t been able to do any real tests, but I was on it for over 3 hours last night in ‘balanced’ mode and still had juice left – surfing, feed reading, e-mailing and reading a PDF for quite a while.
  • Resolution is OK and I would like it for a daily computer, but give me a high res option and I would be in love :)
  • I don’t like the Firewire on the front of the machine – but it’s better to have Firewire than not have it at all though
  • I like that it has the wheel on the front for the volume, it comes in very handy
  • Webcam works great – very clear, Skype and MSN have worked well with it
  • This is the first widescreen Tablet PC I have played with for any length of time.  I really like the unit in tablet mode, some web pages are a little tight and you have to scroll, but writing in OneNote 2007 is great – Plus reading documents is easy too with the longer screen real estate
  • I keep forgetting I have touch… – Touch is very responsive though – and I am surprised my fat fingers are so accurate
  • Vista needs to have a “fat’ start menu for touch devices
  • I can see a lot of cracked screens from people trying to twist from the top of the screen – the catches might break in with use, but new they are pretty tight – it flexes the screen quite a bit if you try from the top… (maybe they thought of this already and have some support in there, I don’t want to find out though)
  • I want more space on the screen running Visual Studio – but it does well in running and building
  • Pushes external monitors easily
  • It fits what I do for my day job really well… processor is fast, memory is fast – it’s done wonderful in all my testing – I want it for my daily computer, but that can’t happen right now :(

What else do you want to know?  I have it for only a short time so get your questions in fast!!

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