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Quick View: Tablified Market HD Only Shows Apps Made For Android Tablets



Android tablet owners may be few compared to certain other, uh, fandoms, but those of us who do belong to this exclusive club enjoy our slates. However, when it comes to finding apps made specifically for larger screens and higher resolutions the Android Market Google Play Store isn’t the most helpful.

There is a section both in the app and on the website for Staff Picks and Featured tablet titles, but otherwise you have to go combing through the general listings to find everything else.

Ironically, there’s an app that will help with this app problem. It’s called Tablified Market HD and it’s available in Lite (free) and Pro ($1.49) versions. The concept is simple: Tablified Market will show you only apps optimized for Android Tablets. It’s not an alternate market, it simply pulls in data from the Google Play Store and shows only certain apps. Once you’re ready to purchase, the app will lead you back to the Market.

Tablified Market HD

I’m a fan of the concept, but the app itself still feels like a beta product. It’s a little slow to load all apps in a category and clicking an app leads to a web page that’s not well laid out/designed at all, to the point of confusion.

The Pro version offers extra functionality such as no ads, filter by stars, sort by price, and more. I suggest holding off on that until the app gets a bit more stable and the app pages a little less bootleg. Besides, the Lite version already offers a valuable service.

How is it app developers are always able to easily put Google to shame?

Download Tablified Market HD Lite or Pro from the Google Play Store.

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