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"Dude, Seriously"…., a Tablet PC Build project



Okay, I had to post this one.  There is a guy (somewhere in the U.K. I think, but could not find his name on his blog), who is working on building his own tablet PC.  You gotta love people like this who just have to try.  Why would you want to build your own Tablet PC?  Here is his response to why he is building it:

““Oh so is that cheaper than just buying a tablet PC?” I hear you ask. Well no; I need:

  • Motherboard
  • Ram
  • HDD (or some kinda storage)
  • screen
  • touchscreen for the above
  • power

““Oh, OK. So it must be faster than a regualr tablet PC then.” Er, no. It’s based around the 1GHz Luke processor, so it’s not exactly a work horse.

““Well, okay if it’s not cheaper or faster it must be smaller right?” Well, erm, no. By the time I squeeze it all together its gonna be 3.5 x 22.4 x 28.8 – and thats only with a 12″ screen.

““Sorry I don’t get it. Why are you building it again?” Well it will I mean because it . What I want to say is that Just shut up. Because I can. How’s that.

Hehe.  Gotta love it.  I’m gonna keep watching this one.  I hope he makes it.  If he does, we’ll do an InkShow on it!  :)  If anyone knows his name, let us know.

His posts so far:

Building a tablet PC Why?

Tablet PC troubles

Good luck my friend!

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