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Quote Note of the Decade: Apple Says No One Should Believe Its Hoopla



I try to be nice. I really do. But the world is just too full of charlatans and hypocrites who live to scam us each and every day. P.T. Barnum said it best, there is indeed a sucker born every minute, and apparently for most of the world the job is to try and take advantage of them whenever they can. Surely not everyone believes the lofty promises of advertising, but just as surely some do, which is why we end up with zaniness like this.

While this example my appear harmless and just an example of idiotic legal work, it does speak volumes. Apple is taking fire for its claims that the iPhone 3G is “Twice as fast, at half the price.” Not only do they use the slogan, but they concoct a video showing things operate in what anyone knows can’t be real time.

So, when they get lugged into a law suit, they top all of that with this lovely defense, which is sure to haunt them in the future. I mean there is nothing like calling your customers a bunch of fools.

““ No reasonable person in Plaintiff’s position could have reasonably relied on or misunderstood Apple’s statements as claims of fact.”

I challenge all covering the next Mac event to use that as the preamble for their questions to the powers that be. I mean if it is good enough for legal, then, hey, it must be good enough for the press and marketing folk.

Yeah, right. Now, let’s see someone take them on about their supposed ‘Hands Free’ claims.

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  1. bmhome1

    12/03/2008 at 1:43 pm

    Plaintiff files libel suit and makes class-action retroactive to 2001.

  2. GoodThings2Life

    12/03/2008 at 4:43 pm

    I laughed my butt off when I saw this last night on Gizmodo.

    On the one hand, I hate Apple, and I’ve always believed this same quote to be true. Especially when the “greenest PC” ad that’s out for the new Macbooks (the comment about using less energy than a lightbulb) is only true if you’re comparing it to a very intense lightbulb run for a long time.

    On the other hand, I feel bad for all the people who actually believe Apple ads are the Gospel. Well, not really, because I believe a large portion of the world is headed the direction of “Idiocracy” but I’m sure you get the point I’m making.

    It will be a sad day if Apple admits to false advertising AND calls their customers idiots AND wins the lawsuit… Maybe the Simpsons got it right afterall…

  3. Neoxeekhrobe

    12/06/2008 at 1:12 am

    I used to believe Apple ads but recently that has started to change and SINCE I loOove Apple, this REALLY hurts.

    A geek’s heaven is being destroyed by the god who created it in the first place.

    Ironic and I wonder why the Apple board can’t see this.

    And I question, if its just the money or is there love for gadgets?

  4. VT808

    12/08/2008 at 1:13 am

    I think that America should adopt a television ad agency to monitor advertisements based the TRUTHFULNESS of their ads. I think Europeans do this same thing and have taken this “twice as fast” Apple commercial off the air. There would be less lawsuits, thus affecting (lowering) the overall price of the product. You can’t tell me that you haven’t watched late night infomercials and just wonder how these people get off selling JUNK products to American consumers. We average Joe’s can’t sue the cooperate America without having lots of money to put up front first. Having an ad agency will “hopefully” protect consumers in the long run.

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