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"Unofficial" Intel blogger wants to start a conversation



Josh Bancroft, a blogger I’ve been following for a few months, wants to start a conversation. Big deal, you say. Well, he works for Intel and is opening up the mic to talk about anything you want to know about Intel. The title of his post says it all ” Ask me anything about Intel, and I’ll blog the answer ”

My one question: I want to know when Intel is going to release a decent video card and driver for Tablet PCs that let me control the rotation on external and internal displays seperately, like NVidia allows me to do. Doing so addresses so many presentation and docking scenarios for Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC users. As most of the tablet pcs on the market use the Intel graphics subsystem, our hopes for a solution rely on Intel to address this area.

It is great to see Josh opening up the floor this way and I hope it encourages other bloggers from Intel to do the same.

So, head over to Josh’s blog and post your questions.

UPDATE: Brian, a good friend of Josh’s, just posted an answer to my question over on his blog. According to Brian, the latest Intel Drivers address this very issue. I’ll be trying this out once I get back to my office and plug in my Tablet PC. The last time I tried this, the functionality wasn’t there, but I’ll give it another whirl. Thanks for following up, Brian.

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