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Radio Shack Cutting iPhone 4S Price Ahead of iPhone 5 Release



Radio Shack will join Sprint, Walmart and others in dropping the iPhone 4S price ahead of the presumed iPhone 5 launch in September.

The retailer has informed us that it will be slashing $75 off of the regular price of the iPhone 4S and that price cut will be evident across all models. That means that the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon models at Radio Shack will now cost, at their lowest point, $124.99.

This is lower than the $149.99 that Sprint is charging for the iPhone 4S and the $148 price tag that Walmart has slapped onto the current-generation iPhone.

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Radio Shack will be slashing $75 off the price of the iPhone 4S.

Radio Shack’s price cut also extends across models. The $124.99 price tag applies to the 16GB iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S 32GB will check in with a new price tag of $224.99 and the iPhone 4S 64GB will come with a new $324.99 price tag.

This pricing will be available to those looking to sign a new contract and even to those who wish to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. The deal itself kicks off this Sunday, August 26th, and it will last for an unspecified amount of time.

These deep price cuts come just before Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5. Right now, September 12th is the rumored date for an iPhone 5 announcement while September 21st is rumored to be the iPhone 5 release date.

Apple has not yet confirmed either date but it’s looking like the iPhone 5 will indeed be announced and released during the month of September.

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As for the other new Apple product, the iPad Mini, it’s now rumored to be coming later in the year at a separate event. Speculation rests of Apple’s annual music event which typically takes place in October.

The iPhone 5 is set to replace the iPhone 4S as Apple’s current-generation smartphone. Rumored specifications include 4G LTE data speeds, a larger 4-inch display, a thinner design, a metal backing, an improved HD front facing camera and a A5X dual-core processor.

It’s also said to becoming with a new dock connector though the amount of pins remains unknown.

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