Radioshack: Buy a Satellite Dish, Get a Free Gun! (video)

RadioShack Free Gun Dish SatelliteA RadioShack in Montana is offering a free gun with the purchase of a Dish Satellite unit and subscription. The promotion is a lot different than the promos we see at most electronic retailers, but this controversial deal might be the right fit for Hamilton, Mont.

Forget free batteries or a coupon for your next purchase; you can walk out of this RadioShack with a gift certificate good for a .380 caliber¬†Highpoint handgun or a 20-gauge McCall shotgun. Gun entusiasts will know that these two weapons are far from top grade, but they probably won’t mind getting one for free. The gift cards Radio Shack is handing out can be redeemed at the local gun shop, so no, RadioShack doesn’t have them on display.

The RadioShack store that’s running the promotion is apparently a franchise and RadioShack corporate hasn’t endorsed the promo. Dish Network says it has nothing to do with the deal either.

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  1. Roberto

    03/31/2011 at 1:27 am

    Well if it’s Dish network they are selling, you are going to want a gun after dealing with dish network company. hahahahaha


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