RadioShack Cuts AT&T iPhone 5 Price
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RadioShack Cuts AT&T iPhone 5 Price



For a limited time, RadioShack will be offering a discount on the price of the AT&T iPhone 5, knocking $20 off each variant of the iPhone 5 which should help to make the device even more attractive to those shopping for a new smartphone this holiday season.

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With iPhone discounts a rarity up until the imminent release of a new iPhone, RadioShack’s offer is something to look at for those who are either dead set on buying an iPhone 5 or for those that are looking for a new smartphone as a holiday gift. $20 off isn’t a deep discount but it’s the best shoppers are likely going to find for the AT&T iPhone 5 during the holiday season and beyond.

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RadioShack has cut the price of the iPhone 5.

The price cut is applicable to all three versions of AT&T’s iPhone 5. That means that the 16GB iPhone will drop to $179.99, the 32GB iPhone 5 will fall to $279.99 and the large 64GB iPhone will be available for $379.99. All of those prices apply to customers that are either signing up for a new contract with AT&T or are simply upgrading from another device on the same contract.

Normally, the prices of the iPhone 5 are $199.99, $299.99, and $399.99 and will likely remain that way for most of 2013, at least until the iPhone 5S or whatever the next iPhone is called decides to arrive.

RadioShack says that the promotion for the price cut will run through December 15th which means that shoppers have more than a few days to decide whether or not this deal is the right one to take.

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AT&T’s iPhone 5 runs on its 4G LTE network and unlike the iPhones on Sprint and Verizon, AT&T’s iPhone 5 is able to also run on the carrier’s HSPA+ 4G network when 4G LTE isn’t available. HSPA+ is considerably faster than 3G which is what Sprint and Verizon’s iPhone 5’s run on when LTE isn’t present.

At the moment, AT&T has a shade over 100 4G LTE markets in the United States making it the second largest network after Verizon.

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