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Rainbow Six Siege Release Date: 5 Things Buyers Need to Know



The Rainbow Six Siege release date is here and like many games we are seeing a trend to write reviews as and after the game arrives and servers can go live. We’ll share what you need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege release date, reviews and gameplay.

Idris Elba stars in the TV commercials for the game and Dude Perfect even joined in with Marksman Trick Shots, but how does the game actually play?

Now that the Rainbow Six Siege release date is here, this is what you need to know about the game that came through several betas to get to your console or PC after a lengthy wait.

Taking place in the Tom Clancy universe this is not an ordinary run and gun game, with bomb defusing and hostage rescue operation that allow gamers to destroy walls, windows and doors to get to objectives there is a flexible style of gameplay.

Some of the Rainbow Six Siege gameplay videos highlight a barrage of bullets, while others focus on smart entry into areas with little intel to rescue a hostage.

Here’s what buyers need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege release date, updates, reviews and more.

Rainbow Six Siege Release Date

What buyers need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege release date.

What buyers need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege release date.

The Rainbow Six Siege release date is December 1st. The game unlocked digitally at midnight and is now available on disk or as a download for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

We didn’t see any major Rainbow Six Siege release date events at midnight, but even flying under the radar there are no shortage of places to buy the game.

Although there were pre-order bonuses, you did not need to pre-order for release date pickup. You can buy Rainbow Six Siege at any retailer that normally sells games.

Rainbow Six Siege Reviews

So far the Rainbow Six Siege reviews are a work in progress as the critics want to spend time playing through the player progression and on live servers to see how the game holds up to the real world.

IGN notes that the game offers destruction that is central to gameplay and a return to five vs five battles, but ultimately feels like, “a skeleton with not a lot of eat on its bones.”

PC Gamer notes that the communication is a major part of this game with a major planning phase before the action. You need to talk to other players, agree on a plan and execute. This worked well in a room of gamers, but the reviewer wants to wait to see how it works when you end up in an online lobby.

Expect to see more Rainbow Six Siege reviews by the end of the week and scored reviews in the same time frame.

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

Depending on the Rainbow Six Siege mode you play, you may need to be careful with your shots. In others, you can fire like crazy at almost anything that moves. Compare the two Rainbow Six Siege gameplay videos below to see the difference in a bomb defusing mission and a hostage rescue.

One thing that stands out in this game is how you can blow up and shoot out almost any part of the environment. In one of the videos you see the player blow out a wall then shoot through a boarded up door to hit the distracted enemies. There is a lot of strategy involved.

It’s clear that you cannot simply run with the hostage, unless you want two lives to end that day. Plan, prepare and execute — but don’t try to run for the finish line.

Rainbow Six Siege Problems

The Rainbow Six Siege release date arrived with complaints about the server reliability, a Steam Pre-load issue, Non Renown Glitch and some other issues that can frustrate gamers.

Check here for problems with Rainbow Six Siege Renown, although a solution is not available yet. Now that the game is out the Steam pre-load issue shouldn’t be a major issue, but if it is you can find a fix on Reddit.

Use the links above to find out the current status of the Rainbow Six Siege servers on console and PC.

Find People to Play Rainbow Six Siege With

This is a game that works best when you have other gamers to play with in a team that communicates. If you want to play with other gamers in a team you can use the SiegeTeam subreddit to find other players to team up with.

The subreddit isn’t widely known, but it is a good place to start, and better than bouncing into a game without anyone you are familiar playing with.

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1 Comment

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