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Rainbow Six Siege Release Date Info



The Rainbow Six Siege release date is next week and this fast look at the important details will help you prepare for the highly anticipated title. We’ll show you where to save on the game, let you in on the Rainbow Six Siege open beta details and let you know when the Rainbow Six Siege release time arrives across the country.

Starting today gamers can join the Rainbow Six Siege open beta to play the game early without the need to pre-order or put down any cash.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game is almost here and soon you’ll be able to go forth with a team of five to defend your position or assault a hardened stronghold using gadgets, guns, guts and a tested strategy.

Idris Elba may not be the next Bond, but he is the star of the Rainbow Six Siege ads that highlight the new game.

While the market is crowded with first person shooters, Rainbow Six Siege hoped to enter and make a mark with team based strategy that focused on objective based gameplay.

In short this isn’t just a run and gun game. You’ll do best with a plan and with a team of players who can stick to the objective. During the game you need to take out a number of enemies as you break into a hardened area and bust through walls to take out the enemies.

Here is what you need to know about the Rainbow Six Siege release date, open beta and more.

Rainbow Six Siege Release Date

Rainbow Six Siege Release Date

The Rainbow Six Siege release date is December 1st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can buy the game on disc or digitally at most retailers or online through Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam. If you pre-order Rainbow Six Siege you can unlock a special Gold Weapons Skin pack.

There is also a special Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition with the Rainbow Six Siege season pass that includes future DLC for the game.

Don't expect any midnight Rainbow Six Siege release date events for this game, unless you buy digitally. If you purchase digitally the Rainbow Six Siege release time will be 12:01 AM Eastern, but as early as 9:01PM Pacific on November 3rd.

For the best results, pre-load Rainbow Six Siege before the release date so you can play immediately.



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