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Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow




EVERUN It seems as though things are really heating up, and boy am I not talking about the Sydney weather.  What I am talking about is a new breed of device dubbed the Ultra Portables. Not to add to the confusion but rather my intention is to create some distinction. UMPC seems to be a term we are familiar with while Ultra Portable PCs (UPPC) are a fairly new breed of device which seem to favor smaller screen sizes and tend to consider themselves pocketable! Two of the UPPC most talked about are the OQO model 02 and more recently the Raon Digital EVERUN.


everun_2 This InkShow is designed to focus on just how mobile UPPC really make you. With highlights from in my living room, in my car, and at the beach, this InkShow should help you see why Ultra Portables are really worth exploring. Up to this stage I haven’t been convinced that UMPC are true companion devices but I believe things may be changing. I have been lucky enough to own an EVERUN for just on two weeks and found it to be quite addictive. Since unboxing it in my vehicle (while sitting outside the FedEX terminal) I have used it with Google Maps, I have lunched while being entertained by YouTube and more recently played with it as a primary phone!


These devices are revolutionizing the way I travel, the way I communicate and most importantly the way I interact with my technology. No matter what Rob Bushway says, these pocket sized device can be carried around more easily and yes some of you will indeed put them in your pocket too! With devices this small, this powerful and this much fun I truly believe mobile PCs are the future!




Here are some general comments:


  • Battery life with no WAN enabled is over 6hrs, and with it switched ON it is just under 5hrs (surprisingly not much difference.)
  • Outdoor viewability is good and comparable to a Q1U but not an OQO model 02.
  • Speakers are are poor but bearable.
  • The EVERUN is capable of “Inking” but there are obvious smearing issues as the screen tends favor finger input and not the pen.
  • I could not get Bluetooth to work successfully with a headset so I couldn’t test the hands-free phone capabilities.


Machine specs (as tested):

  • Windows ® XPâ„¢ Home Edition
  • CPU: 600MHz AMD Geode LX 900
  • System Memory: 512MB SO-DIMM DDR400
  • HDD: 60GB, 4200rpm (NO 6GB SSD however Raon has confirmed this will be released)
  • Display: 4.8″ Touch screen TFT LCD
  • Networking: Wireless 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) WAN.


Don’t delay…press play and make your own mind up!


Watch or download the High Res version (38 minutes, 291MB, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

Visit the Raon Digital  homepage

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