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Raon Digital Everun Note Priced at $879



Fascinating. Is it a Netbook or is it a UMPC or is it a low priced laptop? Things are murky enough in trying to distinguish between Netbooks (or whatever you call them) and other ultra-portable devices. Certainly price is one of those distinguishing factors, or at least looks like it is going to be. Raon Digital’s Everun Note, which looks like a Netbook, is priced and spec’d more like a UMPC or notebook. Running an AMD Turion processor and priced just below $900, the marketing slogan aims from some differentiation, “this new machine from Raon Digital is designed for power users like you, not for children.”


It will be interesting to see if they are able to break through with so much focus on price and make an impact with power users looking for the small form factor.

Via UMPC Portal

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