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Razer Announces Specs For Project Fiona Gaming Tablet



After conferring with its fans on Facebook Razer now has an outline of the specs for its gaming tablet that started as a concept at CES 2012.

After community voting the Project Fiona tablet will use Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU (presumably based on the model), and a mid-range discrete graphics card. The graphics card should let gamers play hardcore PC games at medium settings. It’s not clear if it will use a current card or an upcoming card from Nvidia so it can play new games like Far Cry 3 and upcoming games like Crysis 3.

The Razer Project Fiona tablet will have about twice the weight and thickness of the iPad. Using the current iPad as a base the gaming tablet will be about 0.74-inches and weigh about 2.88 pounds (likely up to about three pounds). To put that in the perspective of other Apple devices, it will have the thickness of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and weigh about half a pound lighter.Razer Project Fiona tablet

When Razer first showed off the Project Fiona tablet it featured two non-removable controllers on either side of the screen. The final model will have detachable controllers, however, which will make it easier to use as a tablet.

Finally, the Razer Project Fiona tablet will cost between $1299 and $1499. That’s about the same price as some Ultrabooks with integrated graphics cards and touchscreens. The price is, however, much higher than most other dedicated tablets.

The most expensive iPad costs $829 for the 64GB model with 4G LTE. The iPad can’t play the same games Project Fiona can, though.

There’s no word on when the Project Fiona tablet will come to market, or what the final product will look like. Razer could announce something at CES 2013, or it could wait a few months to get the design finalized. Or the company could show off another design concept that will evolve into another new device.

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1 Comment

  1. Anthony Evans Jr

    12/12/2012 at 2:30 pm

    “how high are they?!!”

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