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Razer Now Developing Project Fiona Gaming Tablet



Razer showed off a new gaming tablet concept at CES 2012 dubbed Project Fiona, and now it looks like the company is interesting in making the device.

On Wednesday Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted on Facebook that his company has worked on Project Fiona since CES, and asked if the community is interesting in seeing it made. Within a day the post received the 10,000 Likes.

The Project Fiona tablet has an 10.1-inch 1280x 800 display with a gamepad attached. The controls are on either side of the display and look a lot like the two sticks Razer uses on its Hydra motion controller for the PC.

Razer Project Fiona tablet

At CES Project Fiona used an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU and an unidentified GPU. A few select journalists were able to see the device in action, but was under glass for most of the show. was one of the few publications that were able to see the device running, and it said the tablet was able to run Skyrim at max settings smoothly back in January.

While Razer will now make Project Fiona a reality, the final design is not set in stone. The company is looking for suggestions on what gamers want out of the tablet. If the Razer Switchblade is any indication, the final version will likely look nothing like the original concept.

We hope that Razer is able to keep the price of the Project Fiona tablet down, as the original idea was to keep it at less than $1000. Hopefully the company follows the example of Windows 8 tablets, including a keyboard with the tablet so it plays games that work best with keyboards, and transitions to work when needed.

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