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ReadyBoost and the Asus R2H



Warner and I have been playing – OH, I mean working – with our respective Asus R2H Ultra-Mobile PCs machines the last couple of weeks trying to get certain things working under Vista.  During some of this we have seen and heard folks questioning whether or not Vista’s ReadyBoost feature will or will not work using an SD card on the R2H. Well, after some testing, that seemed to occur to both of us separately last night, (great minds thinking alike?) and comparing some notes we can report that ReadyBoost with an SD card is working on both of our machines without problems.

This combined post from both of us details not only what we have experienced but a method for discovering how to determine if an SD card will work on your device.

Matt: I have an old Lexar Media 1gig card and it is working fine.

Warner: I have a SanDisk Ultra II 1gig card and it is also working well.

Matt: The read/write speeds on the card I’m using report as a read speed of 2378 kb/sec and a sequential write speed of 4484.

Warner: Hmmm? My card is reporting slower speeds as follows: Read speed of 2166 kb/sec and a sequential write speed of 2870. Are you seeing any improvement after setting up ReadyBoost?

Matt: I think the loading of a few programs seems to have improved some — Outlook seems to open up a lot faster.

Warner: I’m seeing an increase in opening Outlook, iTunes (both of which are large programs) and it also makes The Origami Experience much snappier.

Here’s a quick how to in order to determine the read/write speeds as well as to determine if your SD card is ReadyBoost capable. (Thanks to a post in the forums from vbclown)







Click on the Vista orb (that what it’s call now???) – Right click on Computer – Manage – System Tools – Event Viewer – Application and Services Log – Microsoft – Windows – ReadyBoost – Click on Operational – it should be one of the first events in the log and will look like the above:

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