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ReadyCase is an iPhone 5 Case MacGyver Would Love



ReadyCase makers say that since I carry my iPhone everywhere, a case should do more than just protect and decorate my phone. It should offer some useful tools like a Swiss Army Knife. Their Indiegogo project promises a case that even MacGyver would love.

For those who don’t remember, MacGyver was a TV action here in the late 80s known for getting out of some pretty amazing scraps with little more than a pencil, a gum wrapper and paper clip. Give him a ReadyCase and he could likely take down the Taliban single-handed.

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ReadyCase 8GB or 16GB USB drive doubles as a kickstand

The ReadyCase covers the new iPhone 5 and adds a few useful tools to the case. The backer will receive a case with a USB flash drive with either 8GB or 16GB of storage. The storage drive also doubles as a kickstand for the case so the user can prop up their iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode.

The ReadyCase also Integrates a clip to hold the earbuds or Apple’s new EarPods. The iPhone 5 version puts the clip on the bottom near the stereo jack on the bottom of the iPhone 5 while version for previous iPhones put the clip towards the top of the back of the case.

readycase headphone clip

Other tools integrate into the back of the case as well. Aside from the drive and EarPod clips, the case offers a multi-tool with a pocket knife blade, serrated edge blade, flat head screw driver and bottle opener.


The back of the ReadyCase integrates a pocket knife blade along with other tools

The camera lens ring can hold a few lenses that help iPhoneographers get more interesting snapshots with their iPhone. For example, here’s a sample of a fish eye lens shot using a fish eye lens attachment and the case.

readycase fisheye lens sample

ReadyCase lens attachment lets user place a fish eye lens on case

readycase landscape lens sampel

Landscape from Wide Angle lens on ReadyCase

readycase lens image sample

A macro lens sample

readycase wide angle lens

The difference between the regular iPhone lens (top) and wide-angle lens (bottom)

The ReadyCase Indiegogo project will close on Wednesday, October 21. It far surpassed the projected goal of $15,000 hitting over $58,000 already. Like Kickstarter they offer multiple levels for backers to support as follows:

  • $40 – 8GB ReadyCase without lenses
  • $45 – 16GB ReadyCase with the lens set for early bird backers – SOLD OUT!
  • $50 – 16GB ReadyCase without lenses
  • $50 – 16GB ReadyCase with the lens set for a second early bird backers – SOLD OUT!
  • $60 – 16GB ReadyCase with the lens set
  • $80 – a placeholder for the make your own deal set by adding up two or more of the above deals for a combination deal
  • $150 – 16GB ReadyCase Limited Edition with gold trim and the lens set for early bird backers
  • $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 – levels for people who wish to buy in bulk for resale

Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo uses an “investor” model where buyers actually promise to pay before a product even gets made and ships.



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    cool cases

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    10/05/2012 at 2:33 am

    This is one of the best iPhone cases for people who love to take pictures with their iPhone.

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