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Real World Reports On Samsung Q1 UMPC



Here at and everywhere where folks get the concept behind the Ultra-Mobile PC/Origami, we spend a lot of time shaking our heads at the barrage of negative press that the UMPC/Origami concept continues to be besieged with.

Well here’s a breath of fresh air from two users of the Samsung Q1 that provide some interesting perspective on the UMPC front, as they report some real world usage scenarios.

Matt Miller at ZDNet has a good article, The UMPC Is Not A Disaster, chronicling his experiences with that UMPC. It’s not a valentine. Matt takes a hard look at some of the issues, but he lays out how he has been using the Q1 and what works and what doesn’t.

Kevin Tofel has had a hiccup with his DSL line at his home office and is using his Q1 to continue working from home, while tethered to his Mobile phone.

Good real world usage scenarios with some great specific examples in both cases, and definitely worth checking out.

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