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Really full review of ASUS Eee T91MT


on managed to get what must be one of the first ASUS Eee T91MT tablets to ship and have presented quite a thorough review of the multi-touch convertible, including some much desired info on its tablet functionality and the extent of its multi-touch-iness.

[Contrary to the video demo] …there is no pressure sensitivity or palm protection as the video apparently demonstrates.

[…] The resistive multitouch touchscreen is only capable of up to two simultaneous points. Any more points of contact, and the touchscreen will start to behave like a singletouch (where it will pick a point somewhere in the middle).

While there is no palm rejection, the reviewer notes the Windows 7 multi-touch functionality will recognize a second point of contact as an attempt to scroll and stop inking. While that will prevent ink from splaying across the screen, scrolling across the screen isn’t exactly ink-friendly either. If you’re looking for a cheap inking machine, this isn’t it.

Best news from the review?

The ASUS Eee PC T91MT has no fan, yet still manages to keep readings well below the I-just-burned-my-genitals-temperature.

Two of my favorite things: fanless operation and unburnt junk. Hat tip to UMPCPortal.

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