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6 Reasons to Buy the OnePlus 6T & 3 Reasons Not To



Don't Buy It Because of the Big, Slippery & Fragile Design

Don't Buy It Because of the Big, Slippery & Fragile Design

On the flipside, there are a few reasons you might want to pass on the OnePlus 6T. Those are what these next few slides are about. 

For one, it's a big and fragile phone. That huge 6.4-inch screen will be hard to take care of, and it'll surely be fragile. Plus, like most phones, the back is covered with glass too. Making it even more fragile for no reason because it doesn't even have wireless charging.

No matter what color or finish you buy, it's a slippery phone. Some early reports and reviews suggest it's one of the most slippery phones on the market. So, buy a case or a Dbrand when you get yours.

Whether these are dealbreakers or not is up to you.

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1 Comment

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    03/28/2019 at 1:44 am

    Great Post Its help me a lot For Buying Oneplus 6T.Thanks For Sharing This with us.

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