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Great End of Summer iPad Games



As Autumn approaches a lot of the gaming world shifts towards consoles and PCs as giant games with massive budgets release at a pace of almost one every week. At the end of Summer a few new games came to the iPad and iPhone, and they’re enough to tide over most gamers as they wait for Borderlands 2 to mark the beginning of the gaming holiday season in mid-September.

Of the plethora of games that hit the App Store every week, three big games stand out. One is a port of a fantastic RPG on the Nintendo DS, one is a port of a great action RPG on Xbox Live Arcade, and the last is an Infinity Blade-like game featuring Marvel’s Avengers.

Avengers Initiative

In its first release Avengers Initiative puts players in control of The Hulk as he fights Marvel villains who escaped from their holding cells. The game plays a lot like Infinity Blade. Players use the same gestures as Epic’s game, but instead of slashing a sword at enemies The Hulk uses his fist to attack and block.

Future DLC will give players the option to play as other Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. We don’t know when those updates will come, but we hope they add a few new mechanics. Beating up Marvel characters like The Thing is entertaining, but aside from the Marvel skins, we’ve played this game before.

Avengers Initiative is available for iPad and iPhone for $6.99. It is also available on Android for $6.99.


Bastion first came the Xbox 360 last year and has since appeared on the PC and Chrome browser. Now it’s available on the iPad, and just as fantastic. Bastion follows the story of The Kid as he tries to fix his world as best he can following The Calamity that destroyed almost everything.

The Stranger who the story along by narrating The Kid’s every move as he hammers and shoots the strange enemies in the world. It’s a great way to let the story flow naturally, and occasionally pretty funny..  The game uses virtual sticks and buttons which take a few minutes to grew accustomed to, but it’s worth it for a fantastic game with an interesting and at times touching story.

Bastion is iPad only and costs $4.99.

The World Ends With You Solo Remix

The World Ends With You first came out on the Nintendo DS a few years ago, and Square Enix recently decided to port the game to the iPad and iPhone. In the game Neku wakes up in a strange version of Shibuya, the trendy shopping district of Tokyo, and finds that he’s stuck there for seven days, should he survive that long. The story grows more complicated over time, but that’s how the game starts out.

While the story is interesting and arguably thought-provoking, the battle system really shines here. The original game used both screens of the DS, with Neku on the touch screen and his partners on the top screen, but this game just uses one screen. Neku fights using fashion pins he collects along his journey. Each pin has its own ability and gesture to activate it. Neku’s partner acts as another pin, but can also be used to launch special attacks against enemies.

The first version of this game was great on the DS because it used the touchscreen in an interesting way. iOS is a natural fit for the game, and we’ll hopefully see another game like it on the platform.

The World Ends With You Solo Remix is available on the iPad for $19.99 and the iPhone for $17.99.

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