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Recent LastPass Upgrade for Android Will Make iPhone Users Jealous



The LastPass Upgrade for Android will now make it possible to automatically enter login information into Android apps and Internet sites.

The popular password management app’s latest killer feature is sure to get Google’s attention. Don’t be shocked if Google tries to buy the company, or at least put it out of business by adding the feature to Android. It’s that awesome.

Here’s a video demonstration:

It’s hard to imagine that this feature doesn’t already exist in Android or iOS. Browsers include something like it with iCloud Keychain for iOS and the Chrome browser’s ability to store and synchronize a user’s login detail across devices. LastPass make it possible to do this across the whole OS, not just in one app.

lastpass android app

The new LastPass Android app now fills login form in apps and web sites through the OS.

The older version of LastPass tried to make this possible on web pages using the LastPass keyboard. It never really worked well. Now, when an Android user opens an app that requires a username and password to log in, LastPass will pop up and offer to fill in the information for the user. LastPass fills web forms too, for sites requesting a user’s address or phone number, for example.

lastpass logs into apps on android

LastPass not only logs into web sites, it will also log into apps.

Just tap on the username box, password box or on a form, and LastPass will pop up and enter the data. Those using a security PIN will need to type it in first and then see the LastPass Password Manager popup. Hit enter on the keyboard and the form is filled and ready to submit.

lastpass password manager for android

For those not familiar with LastPass, the app works along with the LastPass Manager online. The free version only includes the desktop plugin for popular web browsers. To get access to the newly updated LastPass Password Manager for Android, users must subscribe to the service for $1/month or $12/year.

iPhone or iPad users may wonder why they don’t get this cool new feature. LastPass would love to update their iOS app with the auto fill-in feature, but Apple doesn’t allow apps to work that way. They call it sandboxing and it’s done for security so that one app can’t infect another. LastPass might connect the LastPass Password Manager for iOS with Google Chrome, since Google offers a way to connect apps to their Chrome iOS app, but don’t look for it system wide on the iPhone or iPad.



  1. Arnold Ziffle

    03/29/2014 at 1:42 pm

    That’s nice but I use icab mobile browser for iOS and LastPass has been integrated for a while. Icab mobile is the best browser with or without LP.

  2. Aaron Matthew Jackson

    03/30/2014 at 5:46 pm

    This is why I love Android and I am sticking to it.

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