Refurbished 2014 MacBook Air Now Available
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Refurbished 2014 MacBook Air Now Available



After initially releasing earlier this year, the latest 2014 MacBook Airs are now for sale in refurbished form in Apple’s Online Refurbished Store.

If you don’t mind a refurbished product, you can get the latest 2014 MacBook Air for as low as $769. This will get you an 11-inch model with a 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 dual-core processor, 4GB of memory, and 128GB of flash storage.

The only other model that’s available currently is another 11-inch model with the same processor and memory, but includes 256GB of flash storage for a total price of $929.

Unfortunately, there are no 2014 13-inch MacBook Airs available in refurbished form just yet, but we should be seeing them pop up soon enough.

$769 isn’t bad for the latest 11-inch MacBook Air, and considering that Apple has some of the best refurbished products around, you’re pretty much buying nearly brand new, since the company puts a new aluminum shell on the laptop, as well as gives it a brand-new battery for a fresh start.

However, if there’s one thing that you should know about refurbished Apple products is that the inventory is always changing, so if you see a particular model that you’re thinking about buying but want to sleep on it for a few days, it might be gone by the time you come back with your credit card in hand.

MacBook Air

With that said, the models that are available now in the refurbished store might not be the same models that you’ll see later this week or next, and we may even see 13-inch models finally show up.

Of course, customers who’ve been waiting to buy refurbished have been waiting several months, as it usually takes Apple a significant amount of time to begin selling refurbished units of a product it recently released. The company has to wait for MacBooks to be returned, whether they were defective or just not wanted by the buyer.

Of course, there’s always a wide selection to choose from no matter what. Apple’s refurbished store includes MacBook Pro units and MacBook Airs, as well as iMacs and an assortment of iPods. You won’t find refurbished iPhones, however, but you can easily find those used for a decent discount on eBay or Craigslists; just make sure that you aren’t getting scammed.

Apple refurbished products are essentially just items that customers have returned in the past, sometimes due to a problem with the device or they no longer wanted it and returned in within the allowed timeframe. Whatever the case, Apple takes these products and makes them new again, by fixing the problem (if there was one), giving them a new battery and slapping on a new casing.


Refurbished hardware from Apple is so top of the line that most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a refurbished MacBook Air and a brand new one if they were side by side. This makes buying an Apple refurbished device one of the best moves you can make when you’re thinking about buying a “new” MacBook.

The new 2014 MacBook Airs were released back in July with a very modest upgrade from the previous refresh, but the slightly faster processors and the lowered price tag are definitely nothing to scoff at, and breaking the $900 price barrier was a good thing to finally see, as it’s the first step towards a cheaper MacBook Air that hopefully more buyers take advantage of.

If you’re looking to get a new MacBook Air that has the latest components, now is the time to do so, as you can get one for as low as $769.

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