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Refurbished iPad Air Now Available in Apple’s Online Store



The iPad Air has been available to purchase for a while now, with the tablet getting a refresh back in the fall. However, refurbished units are now showing up for sale in Apple’s online refurbished store for a nice discount.

Customers can get a 16GB iPad Air for just $420 or a 32GB model for $510. The former is a discount of $80 off the normal price, while the latter is a better $90 discount off of the original price.Unfortunately, 64GB and 128GB refurbished models aren’t available yet, but they’ll be priced at $590 and $680, respectively, when they are eventually in stock.

Of course, customers who’ve been waiting to buy refurbished have been waiting several months, as it usually takes Apple a significant amount of time to begin selling refurbished units of a product it recently released. The company has to wait for iPads to be returned, whether they were defective or just not wanted by the buyer.

iPad Air

At that point, Apple cleans them and fixes them to factory condition, as well as puts on a new aluminum shell and a fresh battery to make the tablets like new again.

However, if there’s one thing that you should know about refurbished Apple products, it’s that the inventory is always changing, so if you see an iPad that you’re thinking about buying but want to sleep on it for a few days, it might be gone by the time you come back with your credit card.

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With that said, the models that are available now in the refurbished store might not be the same models that you’ll see later this week or next, as it’s constantly changing as people buy them up.

Of course, there’s always a wide selection to choose from. Apple’s refurbished store includes MacBook Pro units and MacBook Airs, as well as iMacs and an assortment of iPods. You won’t find refurbished iPhones, however, but you can easily find those used for a decent discount on eBay or Craigslists; just make sure that you aren’t getting scammed.

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