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Reminder+ Beats Apple’s Place Based Reminders but Forgets Time Based Tasks



The Apple bundled Reminders app helps users organize their life, but a third-party app called Reminder+ does the same thing for location-based reminders with a prettier interface and a couple of extras. It adds a countdown timer, alarm and easier to use location-based reminders. However, it only works for location-based reminders.

Reminder+ doesn’t seek to replace the Reminders app in iOS or other task or to-do list apps because it only does reminders based on location. The location-based reminders work better and simpler than the Apple app, but most people need to keep reminders based on time or date instead of just location.

What Reminder+ Gets Right

reminders+ location based reminders app

For people who do use mostly location-based reminders, Reminder+ does a better job because it’s more complicated to add one to the Apple app. Users must add a regular reminder and then edit the reminder to add the location. Reminder+ makes it quicker because it takes fewer steps. The app also looks nicer.

reminders+ alarms

In addition to location-based reminders, Reminder+ also lets users create quick alarms. The user can wake up or remember to go pick up the kids at school. The app also includes timers for things like baking a cake or taking a break every thirty minutes.

reminders+ timers

The app will save each category of reminder for future use, or the user can simply delete it by tapping the item in the list and tapping the trash icon.

Why We Can’t Recommend Reminder+

At $1.99 in the Apple iOS app store, users will think twice before buying this app. For those who just want quick and simple location-based reminders, the app works well. The developer left out non geographical reminders in order to differentiate it from the Apple app, but they might add regular reminders in the future. Most of our reminders don’t need a location. They need a date or sometimes a date and time. Other tasks don’t need either. Also Apple’s app will let me create multiple lists and I can add them via Siri. Hold off on Reminder+ until they add non geographical reminders.

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