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RemoteLync Offers Fire Safety Features for Mobile Users



If you’ve ever been away from home and wanted to be alerted on your mobile device if your house ever caught on fire, there’s an affordable product that offers that capability.

The RemoteLync from Kidde is a simple small box that you plug into any outlet in your house and it will listen for your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm. Whenever one or other goes off, the RemoteLync box will send a notification to your smartphone or tablet that, giving you a warning about what’s going on.

The notifications work using the accompanying app from Kidde and it allows you to also set up notifications that can be sent to close family and friends, as well as a quick button to call 911.


Since the carbon monoxide detectors inside of the RemoteLync don’t last forever, you’ll eventually need to replace the device, but the company gives it a 10-year lifespan before it will need replaced, and at only $100 for a standalone device like this, it can be a life saver, or at the very least a convenience that is great to have for situations like this.

The RemoteLync will be available online at starting next month and will release nationwide in various retail stores in March.


A product like this isn’t anything new, as the Nest Protect itself can send notifications to mobile users whenever the alarm is about to go off, and it also sells for $99 and doubles as an actual smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm in one device, which is something that the RemoteLync isn’t capable of.

However, if you’d rather not change out your actual alarms, the RemoteLync is a simple installation that only requires plugging a device into an outlet, so you’ll definitely pay for the convenience.

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