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Replace Outlook 2007 ‘sticky note’ with link to OneNote



New blogger to the OneNote testing team John Guin has posted up a small little addin.  This replaces the Sticky Notes module in Outlook with a link to open up OneNote.

I got an email from a user yesterday who wanted OneNote to replace the Sticky Notes module in Outlook. I had been wondering if anyone was interested in an addin I had in mind which would start OneNote when you try to open a notes module in Outlook, but did not know if anyone would want that type of functionality. Now that I had some (one) request, I decided to write it for him.    

This was an Outlook only addin – all it does is register for the FolderSwitch event in Outlook and if a notes folder is opened, I use System.Diagnostics to start OneNote.exe. And while it doesn’t strictly replace the Outlook module with OneNote, it does allow OneNote to jump to the forefront when the opens an Outlook notes module.

Add his blog to your RSS feed, cause I am sure he will have some cool stuff to talk about! (He is also the developer for the PowerToy: Outlook To OneNote AddIn & Export your Outlook notes to OneNote)

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