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Replacement Dell Latitude XT On Its’ Way



I’ve been having the weirdest trouble with my Dell Latitude XT the last month or so: weird pen issues that show up after coming out of stand-by, some wireless network connectivity troubles, etc. For example, the pen would begin activating things while hovering after coming out of stand-by. Tapping a lot on the desktop clears it up, though. My wireless card would suddenly turn off for no reason. A reboot is the only thing that would turn the wireless back on.

After spending a lot of time with Dell troubleshooting various possibilities and driver updates, finding some patterns, etc, we determined that I have an early production unit with some quality problems. This was also evident in my early reports with the gridding trouble on the screen. The quality problems were addressed some time ago, but apparently I got one of the early builds before those issues were caught and addressed.

So, Dell is sending me a replacement unit that should be here tomorrow. Per my request, they are replacing my unit with a LED screen, so I’ll be able to take some comparison pictures between the LED and the DLV ( screen angles, size, indoor / outdoor, etc).

I have to say that Dell has been superb in their dealings on this. Their follow-through with me has been excellent, and they rank far and above my tech support experiences with other OEMs.

Suggestion: if you are experiencing weird pen behavior after coming out of stand-by, contact Dell Technical Support.

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