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Report: AT&T and T-Mobile Considering Joint Venture if Merger Fails



According to the Wall Street Journal,  AT&T and T-Mobile might be mulling life without a merger with the carrier discussing a joint partnership should the marriage fail.

As it stands, AT&T has withdrawn its FCC application to purchase T-Mobile USA and will now turn its attention to the lawsuit that the U.S. Department of Justice has filed against the merger. And those are just a few of the obstacles in Ma Bell’s path.

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Details of this joint effort are murky but it seems as though the deal would be similar to what T-Mobile and Orange have going on over in the United Kingdom. That is, they share resources.


Remember, AT&T’s main stated reason for acquiring T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom is the spectrum that T-Mobile’s network could provide and this partnership, even without the full sale, could potentially provide that.

At this rate, we should have an outcome by 2035.

Via: Wall Street Journal, The Verge

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