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Report: Xbox One Update with Fixes Coming in March



Xbox One owners frustrated with the console’s party-chat system and more could be in for some relief in March. That’s when reports indicate Microsoft will release its second Xbox One update.

The first reports of an upcoming Xbox One update surfaced this week at The Verge. Allegedly, the update will include a ton of fixes for issues Xbox One users have had with the system’s software and built-in applications. For one, it’s rumored the instability issues of the Party app that lets users talk to groups of their friends will be addressed. That app has surfaced from freezes and crashes since the console’s launch.

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The update will also address what the report refers to as “issues with the usability and placement of social features of Xbox Live.” As that’s pretty vague, we’re left to guess that this alludes to Microsoft reconfiguring where options for things like seeing a list of the Xbox Live friends that are online and using their console show up. Today, that option is buried inside a screen that shows a user all of their friends by default. As such, users can change that option to show them who is online but it will revert back to showing them all of their friends once their console is restarted.

To be clear, Microsoft hasn’t announced any information about future updates for the Xbox One. That being said it’s clear that the company is working on something. Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb has taken to Twitter and other other public forums to solicit feedback and let gamers know that Microsoft is working to address the concerns of users who’ve purchased the console since its November 22nd launch date. Unfortunately, Hyrb didn’t share a time-table for when users might see an update containing any sort of fixes.

Interestingly, The Verge’s report doesn’t include any information about new features that will or won’t make it into this supposed Xbox One update. Microsoft routinely released two updates a year for the Xbox 360. While the fall update always included more features and hefty interface updates, sometimes Microsoft packed a few new features into its spring updates too.

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The Xbox One is on store shelves now for $499. PS3 owners who are willing to trade their console in for a next-generation upgrade can head to their nearest Microsoft Store and receive $100 in guaranteed store credit towards an Xbox One.

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