How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8.1
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How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8.1



Devices are becoming much more of a lifestyle choice, and allowing users to customize their devices the way the want to is the hallmark of a mature platform. That’s why many users balked at Windows 8. Its lack of customization marked the first time in years that the Windows operating system wasn’t almost completely customizable.

Thankfully, Microsoft has addressed most of these issues with its Windows 8.1 operating system. That includes adding background customization and new Live Tile options. Here’s how to resize live tiles in Windows 8.1, and make your Windows device your own.

It’s important to note that while Windows 8.1 will begin coming with laptops, desktops and tablets later this year. However users don’t have to pay for a new PC just to get it. Windows 8.1 is also coming to Windows 8 users as a free update beginning October 18th.

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Go to the Start Screen.

How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8 (2)

Right click on the Live Tile that you would like to resize. If your device has a touch screen, tap and hold on a specific Live Tile. You can resize multiple live tiles by right clicking or tapping on even more Live Tiles once you see the app bar on the bottom of your screen.

Click or tap the Resize button in the app bar at the button of your screen. In most cases it’s the third button from the left on the bottom of the App Bar.


How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8 (4)

Choose a new Live Tile Size from the menu. Small live tiles are one-fourth the size of the square-like medium live tiles. Large live tiles are double the size of the rectangular-like wide lives tiles.


How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8 (5)

There you have it. With the new live tile sizes users can create customized layouts based on the apps that they think are most important. These Live Tile size customizations will sync to Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service too, this allows users to go back and forth between multiple Windows devices without having to do the customizations again.

How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8 (1)

It’s important to remember that live tile sizes are specific to each app. Some apps will only allow users to create wide, small and medium Live Tiles.

Live tile sizes also effect the kind of notifications users see on their Start Screen. For example, a large live tile for the News app shows multiple stories with pictures, however a small live tiles for the News app shows no notifications at all.




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    10/12/2013 at 2:16 pm

    A quick handy tip for Windows 8.1 users. I am using Windows 8 since m1 leak, and it was a great time till I switched on Mac OS X.

  2. White Sapphire

    10/12/2013 at 10:22 pm

    Live tiles, along with the ability to choose between two sizes, and a selection of Start screen backgrounds are already available in Windows 8. Version 8.1 seems to add a little more which is nice. Looking forward to its general availability soon!

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