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Retina Display Macs Coming This Summer According to Analyst



One analyst now thinks we’ll see new Macs with Retina Displays sometime in the near future, probably this summer.

According to The Wall Street Journal, one analyst is now predicting a new lineup of Macs with Retina Display, including new MacBook Air models in the next few months. The analyst, Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital, believes we’ll see Apple’s new MacBook Airs with OS X Mountain Lion before Windows 8 ultrabooks launch this fall.

The analyst predictions mesh with9To5Mac‘s claims that Apple will unveil new MacBooks at WWDC next month. According to those rumors, the new MacBook Pros will feature Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge CPUs, USB 3.0, and slimmer designs in addition to Retina Display. The rumors also mention the 15-inch MacBook Air we’ve heard so much about.MacBook Air for travel

9To5Mac believes that Apple will introduce the Retina Display first on the MacBook Pro line, and the MacBook Air and iMac will gradually receive Retina Display updates later. The logic stems from Apple’s previous Mac updates where the company gradually rolled out new features across the line.

While the gradual rollout logic makes sense, it also seems like almost every Mac from the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro up to the Mac Pro (especially the Mac Pro) is due for an upgrade. It would be tough to push out new units of every model, but Apple might be able to do so. Or, it could just be wishful thinking on our part.

It’d be nice to have a choice between a Retina Display MacBook Pro and MacBook Air without having to wait.

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