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Retrevo Model Decoder Demystifies Model Numbers



Gadget model numbers are a pain to decrypt. Just when you think you’ve figured out what a digit or a letter means the manufacturer changes everything around. Now, thanks to the Retrevo Model Decoder, you don’t have to guess what model numbers mean, you can get the facts and find out everything you need to know about that model, similar models and the entire line.

Up until now you may not have known that the third letter in some models refers to the year of manufacture or that the number of digits after that tell you if you are looking at an LED or LCD HDTV. With the Model Decoder there’s no more guessing.

Retrevo launched the Model Decoder today with HDTVs, but will be expanding to other gadgets like laptops in time for the back to school season. I’ve had time to go hands on with the Model Decoder and can definitely vouch for the usefulness. If I had access to this tool I could have cut 30 minutes off my  HDTV comparison shopping earlier this week.

Once you can make sense of model numbers, you can make informed shopping decisions, compare prices and find more reviews that apply to your model.

How Does the Model Decoder Work?

Retrevo Model Decoder

How to decode HDTV Model Numbers

Model numbers look like gibberish, but if you know what you are looking for, it can be transformed into plain english. Retrevo uses artificial intelligence to keep all of the pricing and reviews up to date on their website, and has turned this smart shopping sentient to decrypting model numbers. Once the pattern is determined Retrevo can show you how the model you are looking at fits into the bigger picture.

Why is the Model Decoder so Awesome?

There are several reasons the Model Decoder rocks, and it’s not just because it is combined with the rest of Retrevo’s slick tools.

Reviews: First off, the Model Decoder can help you find more reviews for the HDTV you are interested in. Normally manufacturers make similar models in a variety of sizes, sharing common features and qualities. With the Model Decoder you can find which 47″ LED HDTV is in the same family as your 55″ model, and in turn find more reviews.

This was incredibly handy when I was shopping for a new HDTV earlier this week and couldn’t find any reviews on the larger models, but found plenty on the 47″ model.

Store Models: Just like carriers offer similar smartphones under different names, and every retailer has one HP G62 notebook for sale, HDTV models are often tweaked slightly for large brands like Sam’s Club and Costco. The differences usually come down to the number of HDMI ports, but the quality and other specs are the same.

If you search for a Sam’s Club specific HDTV on Retrevo, you’ll now see the overall model it is similar too, so that you can compare prices and find many more reviews.

Price Comparison: Once you figure out which models you are interested in, you can figure out if you are getting a good deal, or getting hosed. It won’t help you with price matching, but thanks to the rest of the Retrevo tools, you can find the best price.

Retrevo Fair Price HDTV

Find the right price to pay for your HDTV.

What Else Does Retrevo Do?

The reasons the Model Decoder really shines is that it combines with the rest of Retrevo’s tools. If you are starting from scratch Retrevo can help you find a HDTV in your price range or feature range. Once you start looking at specific models Retrevo can show you everything you need to know to make an informed decisions.

When you look at a product page you can see a Real Time Review that is updated daily based on product information, reviews, technology shifts and more. This one section was all I needed to see before I purchased my new HDTV. As you can see below, you immediately know if the HDTV is new, if people like it, is it a good value and what the key features are. Retrevo boils this down to whether or not it is a good buy, and shows you a Fair Price, which is calculated every day based on current prices.

Retrevo Real Time Review

Retrevo Real Time Review simplifies gadget research

I can’t wait for the service to expand to laptops and other mobile tech. The prospect of using the Retrevo Model Decoder to do comparison shopping on the one of Black Friday HDTV and notebook deals is amazing, and is surely a tool I will keep close at hand.

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