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Review heads-up: Soldius1 Universal Charger.



Being mobile means you have the ability to be connected yet free enough not to be dependent on external power.  The fine folks at mysoldius have agreed to let me test and review their Soldius1  Universal Charger.  They describe the Soldius1 by saying that the unit is light, can fit in your pocket, and has the ability to charge your cell phone or mp3 player in 3-4 hours.  They have a plethora of supported devices, although you might need to purchase an adapter.  The Soldius1 is but one of a new wave of solar charging options to give your favorite gadgets a little juice.  Besides being green and saving a few pennies, solar chargers help you maintain your mobile independence.  I’d forecast that we’ll see more of these devices hitting the market and even implemented into our gadgets.  The mysoldius company indicates that they are currently developing a solar-powered charger for laptops— that’d be a great tool to have.

  • Hypothesis:  The unit will fully charge my Motorola Q cell phone in 3 hours with full sunlight.


I’m excited to put this unit to the test and see how it lives up to its claims.  Leave your hypothesis or review suggestions in the comments.

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