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Review of Everun



Raon EverunFrank Garcia (aka CTitanic) has posted a comprehensive review of the Everun by Raon Digital. Although this compact UMPC is technically not available in the US, some intrepid UMPC enthusiasts have still managed to get a hold of them. The review covers all the bases, including the long battery life that caused it to be named the Everun. The Everun includes some unusual features, like integrated HSDPA and an SSD, that make it attractive for those seeking a truly "always-connected" portable device. The automatic rotation and side mount keyboard certainly help the Everun to stand out from the other UMPCs.

Personally, I’ve been thinking more and more about getting a smaller device – either a UMPC or a tiny Tablet PC like the OQO. This device looks like one I should investigate.

via UMPCPortal

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