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Revisiting the Toy Shop



steamengineNah, this isn’t mobile news and with all the talk of going paperless, it does involve paper. So, file this under nostalgia, or just dating myself.

Broderbund Software’s The Toy Shop was one cool application back in my Commodore 64 days. The software provided you with a means of making some papercraft models. You loaded up the model you wanted and printed out the paper, did some cutting and assembling and you had a paper model of a steam engine, or a catapult, or a car, or a carousel. When assembled, these weren’t just static models. The carousel turned, the car rolled, etc…

Well, two enterprising fellows have assembled the image files for the models and have made them available on their site.

Again, a real nostalgia trip, but it brings back some great memories.

Via Make

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