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RevMakMak: How To Blog In Ink



RevMakMak does a great job of showing how he blogs in ink using OneNote, SnagIt, flickr, and Sumocat’s Build 52 tool.


A couple of folks have asked why we don’t do more ink blogging. Good question for a site largely focused on Tablet PCs. As a general rule, we leave ink blogging to those casual, informal posts that are not news / review oriented. Most of what we post during the week are more formal news articles and not necessarily geared to handwritten, personal posts. Secondly, my handwriting is pretty bad, and I think it would really junk up our site and bring pain to your eyes if you had to read a lot my handwritten posts.  See the ink blog post I wrote on Sunday for an example. In my opinion, personal blogs are better suited for ink blogging than news centered sites, like ours. When I do post an ink-based article, I use Ed Holloway’s Ink Blog plug-in for Windows Live Writer. It does a great job of integrating to Live Writer and can create the text part of the post as well. I hope that answers a few questions about ink-blogging and GBM. We will try to do more ink blogging, though.

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