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Rewind Makes Capturing the Best Group Photos Easier



With smartphones possessing more capable and powerful cameras today, users are often using their phones to take pictures in lieu of a stand-alone digital camera. A new camera app developed by Scalado called Rewind aims to help smartphone users make the best use of their phones for group shots.

The way Rewind works is that it takes a burst of 5 full-resolution shots. After the shots are taken, the user can then go into each shot and select the best faces to be compiled into a single shot, ensuring, for instance, that everyone’s eyes are opened and smiles are showing brightly in the selected photo. Scalado is working on a new version of Rewind that comes with smile and blink detection technologies so that the software can intelligently select the right faces for the final photo without user intervention.

The downside right now is that Scalado will be looking at OEMs for distribution. Instead of distributing Rewind as a standalone app on Android Market or other third-party app stores, Scalado will be looking at device makers to bundle the app with their phones. The upside is that this may help the user experience as Rewind is a processor intensive app so it will require some high-end hardware to properly function with. By working with device-makers, it will ensure that Rewind will only be loaded on the right phones that are capable of supporting the app.

The app was showcased at Qualcomm’s Uplinq conference in San Diego, California, which may suggest that it may appear in the future on Snapdragon-powered phones.

The camera space on smartphone is just starting to heat up. Nokia has built a reputation for itself in the smartphone space with the release of devices like the N95 and the recent Symbian^3-powered Nokia N8, which boasts a 12-megapixel camera with a large sensor and dual-Xenon flash. Samsung also loads its phones up with a proprietary camera app, allowing users better controls of the camera and the ability to take easy panoramic shots by utilizing the accelerometer and digital compass to detect movement and the software will automatically stitch the frames together in the resulting image. With iOS 5, Apple is also bringing photo editing and allowing smartphone users to use the volume button as a hardware shutter button for the camera. I think Rewind would make an excellent addition to a smartphone, and OEMs may want to try to acquire the software company.

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