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Rex Hammock’s No, Virginia the Apple Tablet is a Big Fat Fairy Tale



Brilliant and wonderfully done. The rumor that won’t die (or perhaps turn into a real product) has grown larger than life and threatens to overwhelm the tech world. Yes, that’s the mythical Apple Tablet. And how appropriate to have a little fun with that in this Apple Tablet-less holiday season than to use one of the greatest and most reprinted editorials of all time. That’s what Rex Hammock has done and like I said, it is brilliant and wonderfully done.

In 1897 an eight year old girl, Virginia Hanlon, wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Sun asking if there was such a thing as Santa Claus. Newsman Frank Church was assigned the task of writing the response and the editorial, Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus, became not only a legend, but achieved mythical status.

Rex Hammock has penned a response to the question will there be an Apple Tablet called No, Virginia the Apple Tablet is a Big Fat Fairy Tale. Here is a brief excerpt:

Frankly, Virginia, it’s time for you and your little friends to grow up. Apple doesn’t always do what customers want, despite all the hype. Kids like you and your friends need to grow up and drop that childlike faith in Apple. If you’d quit worshiping them so much, it might make it easier to tolerate their existence.

Go read it. Have fun. Merry Christmas.

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