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Riding the Colorado Trails With a Viliv S5 MID



I’m working with my son Dax, helping him with his cycling merit badge for Boy Scouts. We’ve got six rides under out belt so far and have had a blast. It is an awesome father / son activity. We rode our   second 25 mile ride today, and will finish up with a 50 miler in the next two weeks.

On this trip, I took along the Viliv S5 MID and played some music along the way for us to listen to while we rode. Except for almost breaking the S5 (watch the video), I found this to be safer than wearing headphones, which can block sounds that a rider really needs to listen out for.

After the trip was over, I still had about 3 hours of battery life. The S5 really excels at battery life.

Watch the below video for some MID action on the trail. For more on the trip and what happened to the S5, head over to

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