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Right on Cue: Jeff Moriarty Looking To Make Some MID Noise



Yesterday I blogged a post asking “Are MIDs still on Targer for a Fall Release?” This morning I see in my feeds that Jeff Moriarty, the Community Manager for the Atom Software Developer Community is blogging that he is going to be attending OSCON this week in Portland, to talk with and learn a bit from the Open Source community. Remember MIDs originally came into view with a Linux splash. He also left a couple of comments on the original post that prove just how difficult it can be to get information even when you’re working for a large concern like Intel.

Here’s hoping Jeff will indeed be blogging and talking about what’s going on with MIDs and software development for them. If you ask me, the natives are getting restless.

And Jeff, if you get the chance, we’d love to have a chat with you on a GBM Podcast about what’s going on in the Open Source community regarding MIDs and software development for mobile devices. (Hiint, Hint.)

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