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RIM Bets on CollegeHumor Comedians to Save BlackBerry



With recent resignations and dwindling sales RIM is in trouble. The company still has BlackBerry 10 coming eventually, but it needs to do something to gain more users now. To do that, RIM decided to improve the boring image of BlackBerry.

To challenge RIM’s boring image the company hired CollegeHumor comedians Amir Blumenfeld and Streeter Seidell to host a series of videos called the BlackBerry Challenge Council. The videos have the two comedians showing off what BlackBerry phones are capable of.

The series will disprove a total of five “myths” about the BlackBerry platform through challenges.

The first challenge is to prove that BlackBerry phones can, in fact, play music. The video introduction for the challenge has Blumenfeld and Seidell throwing an unannounced block party in Levittown, NY with music playing from a BlackBerry Bold 9900.

The beginning of the video also features young musician Grayson Chance.

The real challenge for the video asks users to choose a song from a pre-selected BBM Music Playlist and record themselves singing the song karaoke-style with a webcam. The “best” video that’s submitted will score the singer a “star treatment at a major music festival.”BlackBerry Challenge Council

In addition to the ability to play music the only other thing the videos have shown so far is that the phones are durable. In the first video a phone drops a few feet inside a vending machine, and still works after.

There isn’t much that’s exciting about the BlackBerry Challenge Council so far.

Simply put, aside from security features, physical keyboards, and BBM there isn’t much reason to get a BlackBerry over an iPhone or Android.

RIM can’t compete on apps or ecosystem at the moment. Music is nice, and a later video will surely show BBM, but without apps like Instagram and Angry Birds Space, why would any young person want a BlackBerry?



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    04/13/2012 at 11:23 pm

    totalement débile

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