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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Demo Shows Off Speedy UI



BGR has scored a demo with Research in Motion where the smartphone-maker showed off its BlackBerry PlayBook, which will launch in 2011. Unlike prior BlackBerry devices, which relied on the BlackBerry OS, the PlayBook utilizes an operating system from QNX, which boasts excellent responsiveness, multitasking, Flash playback, and great multimedia features. The user interface for the QNX OS on the PlayBook seems very responsive and smooth; the demo even shows off decoding of a 1080p video that will continue to even play minimized in the background while you’re even multitasking.

Be sure to check out the PlayBook video that’s embedded below:

The OS utilizes a multitasking scheme that’s similar to what Palm had done with the webOS cards and shows a visual multitasking interface.

The PlayBook will have to compete in the tablet space with the iPad, Android tablets, and Windows 7 tablets. HP, after acquiring Palm, is expected to release a tablet product as well running on webOS. Also, Nokia and Intel are pushing forward with the MeeGo OS, and tablets are expected to arrive with MeeGo.

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