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RIM’s BBX Code Name World Tour Leaks



While having recently lost a bulk of its smartphone market share in recent years, RIM is hoping to conquer the world with its BBX OS come 2012. BlackBerry-dedicated site CrackBerry had recently come across a few leaked code names for some upcoming BBX devices for 2012, all of which bear the names of world-famous cities.

One of them has been leaked before as the BlackBerry London, an all-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone that may bear the BlackBerry Surfboard name when released. Other leaked names include the BlackBerry Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, and Black Forest.

The BlackBerry Milan is speculated to be a GSM variant of the all-touchscreen London that’s said to be coming in March. Not much is known about the Lisbon at this time. The BlackBerry Nevada is said to be coming in November with the traditional BlackBerry front-facing QWERTY form factor.

The Black Forest may be the tablet cousin to the London/Milan smartphones, bearing angular sides and sporting a large touchscreen. The Black Forest will supposedly replace the BlackBerry PlayBook. With the angular sides and edges of the new BBX-sporting devices, it looks like RIM may be emulating Motorola’s playbook, with the Milan/London resembling the Droid RAZR and much anticipated Droid 4 smartphones, and the Black Forest bearing some resemblances to the Xoom 2 tablet, rumored to be called the Xyboard for Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network.



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